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Is Your Table Ready for the Holidays?

Is Your Table Ready for the Holidays?

Hosting a holiday get together can be one of the most time consuming, stressful, and challenging task to complete. It requires much preparation for the appropriate servings of food, plates, room temperature, holiday decor, lighting, and much more.  The result will make the table look elegant and charming and once completed a sense of accomplishment and relief that it is finally finished.

Many times we fail to understand that our room's lighting is an integral part of the equation.  It has a tendency to bring in warmth and happiness when designed and installed properly.

The most common types of lighting that are used in those spaces where you may gather for the holidays are ceiling lights.  Let's explore 3 types of ceiling lights that are most popular.

Flush Mount Lighting is most commonly used in the closet, hallway, powder room, bedroom, or kitchen.  Using flush mounts in the kitchen over the eat-in table or island where your guests will gather can be both functional and decorative.  Let's look at the Mid-Century Modern Flush Mount Light, for example, this flush mount is a trendy and decorative two-tone finish of Matte Black and Brass as well as functional with its three sockets that will brightly light the space with LED Candelabra Light Bulbs.

Mid-Century Modern Flush Mount Light

Pendant Lighting is another popular ceiling styled light.  Multiple light pendants have a geometry all of their own which steals the show from far. They have several bulbs and will typically hang in a stairwell or foyer and occasionally over a dining table.  Having one above the dining table will give an appropriate amount of light and can make a dramatic statement.  We can see this example with the Kimberly Pendant Chandelier that comes in a striking brass finish and has articulating arms that can be positioned as you see fit for your space.  This may be exactly what is needed as a conversation starter for that perfect holiday meal at your home get together. 

Kimberly Pendant Chandelier

Chandeliers are the most popular type of ceiling lights that are hung over the dining table.  In the days of old, holiday dinners had candles placed everywhere including in the chandelier lighting. As the world modernized, the chandeliers also modernized but they continued to use candle lights.

This combination blended so well into home interiors that having a Chandelier above the holiday dinner table became a must.  Depending on the decor and theme of a home, it may seem as though something is missing without a chandelier hanging over the dining table.

A Chandelier has the power to bring in charm and a heavenly feel due to the many modern advancements and functional designs. 

William 6 Light Candle Chandelier

Choosing the perfect light for your holiday table can give a hint of glamour, a sense of warmth, and brighten the conversation for you and your guests.




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